Preschool Science Experiments ~ Valentine Explosions

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Looking for easy preschool science experiments with things you already have in your kitchen? We love to put together easy science experiments for kids in the kitchen. Here’s one with a Valentine theme. I love activities like this for younger kids when I’m working with one of my older ones during our homeschool day. 

kitchen science experiments

You will need:

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • dish soap
  • cookie cutters and a pan or tray.
  • eyedropper(s)

Fill your pan with a layer of baking soda and arrange the cookie cutters on top.

Preschool Science Experiments

In a container, mix a 1/2 cup of vinegar with 2-5 teaspoons of dish soap (the more you add, the more bubbly your explosions will be) and some food coloring. I mixed one container with just 2 drops of red food coloring to make a pink explosion and another container with about 10 drops to make more of a red.

Show your child how to use the eyedropper to pull liquid into it and fill the cookie cutters with the liquid. This is great fine motor strengthening work to prepare little hands for writing letters and numbers, using buttons and zippers and so much more. The heart shapes will fizz and bubble over in a wonderful lava-like explosion. 

My 10-year-old could not resist playing with this either and look what he discovered!

easy science experiments for kids

You can dip the cookie cutters into the mixture of baking soda, vinegar and dish soap and blow bubbles. How cool is that!


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