Learning to Write Letters and Numbers With Glow Sticks

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preschool writing practice - learning to write letters and numbers

Preschool writing doesn’t have to always take place on paper with a pencil or crayon, right? Right!  Here’s a fun and tactile way for learning how to write letters and numbers.

We used two tubes of dollar store glow sticks, some packaging tape and some paper to form letters and numbers that my preschooler is learning how to write.
glow stick letters and numbers supplies

Preschool Writing Made Fun

We drew the letters and numbers on some cardstock paper. You can use any kind of paper and don’t worry if the exact size of your written letters and numbers matches the glow sticks. The writing is just a guide for them to follow.

Have your child break the glow sticks to make them glow, then place them on the paper to form the letter or number.

break the glow sticks to make letters and numbers

Take the packaging tape and secure the glow sticks to the paper.

packaging tape to secure glow stick letters and numbers to paper

Use the bracelet/necklace connectors to make rounded letters and numbers.


They don’t look so pretty like this, do they? Lots of tape and some ho-hum figures. But just wait…
here we glow

We went down to our basement where it was nice and dark, and my little guy set up his letters and numbers.
ready to glow

Then we turned out the lights.

glowing letters


glowing numbers

At bedtime, he took them up to his room to enjoy before he fell asleep.

glowing letters and numbers decorate his room at night

I encouraged him to touch the glowing letters and numbers to get a tactile sense of how each one is formed. Experiencing preschool writing with as many senses as possible, and with his whole little four-year-old body, was the goal of this activity.  I couldn’t get a photo of this, but he was jumping over the letters/numbers and back while they glowed in the dark as well. It was a fun activity that I am sure we will do again and again.

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