20 Great Science Activities for Preschoolers

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There are so many fun ways to incorporate science activities for preschoolers into your home or school day. What better way is there to have hands-on, sometimes messy, always fascinating learning, right in your own kitchen or classroom?  Here are 20 terrific  preschool science experiments.

science activities for preschoolers

  1. Make a comet using a tennis ball and glow sticks.
  2. Learn about the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies. 
  3. Make constellations with rocks and sidewalk chalk.
  4. Learn all about the stars and make a Star Jar. 
  5. The Galaxy Experiment. Learn about the spiral motion of The Milky Way.
  6. Experiment with freezing and melting in the kitchen.
  7. Change solids to liquids using candles, ice and chocolate.
  8. What makes ice melt? And what doesn’t. 
  9. The Science of Water Beads. Experiment with these squishy, growing marbles.
  10. Learn about Lava with this super easy Lava in a Cup experiment. 
  11. The Science of Magnets: Set up a magnet learning station. 
  12. The Science of Color Mixing. Make a rainbow with milk.
  13. Set up a Caterpillar Observation Area and watch caterpillars grow.
  14. Raise Painted Lady Butterflies and release them in your yard.
  15. Make a worm house and observe earthworms. 
  16. Do a bug study:  Learn about crickets
  17. Study the difference between living and non-living things on a nature walk.
  18. Learn all about the birds in your backyard. Feed them, build a house and more.
  19. Dinosaur Theme Week: So many ways to learn and roar like dinos all week long. 
  20. Super easy volcano experiment.  One of our most popular posts.

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preschool science experiments

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