Most of these science projects and experiments use things you can easily find around your house or, at most, can be purchased at the grocery store or a big box store. All of these science experiments for kids include hands on activities to keep kids engaged in learning and excited.

More Kitchen Science: What’s Inside a Drop of Blood?
Kitchen Science: The Rainbow Milk Experiment
Constellation Art With Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk
20 Great Science Activities for Preschoolers
Science Project — Lemon Clock
Halloween Science Experiments
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science experiments for kids

Science Through the Seasons

100+ Science Experiments and Activities for All Four Seasons
Winter Science Experiments

Spring Science Experiments
Summer Science Experiments
Fall Science Experiments
Valentine’s Day Science Experiments
St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments
Easter Science Experiments
Halloween Science Experiments

Astronomy Experiments

Learning About the Moon
Learning About Satellites
How to Make a Comet
Constellation Art
All About the Stars
How to Make a Super Easy Solar System Model
Spiral Galaxy Experiment
5 Solar System Educational Apps 

Chemistry and States of Matter

States of Matter: Freezing and Melting
States of Matter: Changing Solids to Liquids
Can you NOT pop a balloon with fire?
How to Make Maple Sugar Snow Candy
How Many Ways Can You Melt Ice
States of Matter: Water Beads
Rainbow Milk Color Mixing Experiment
How to Make  a Lemon Powered Clock Without Batteries 
Secret Messages Experiment
Valentine Explosions
Lava Experiment in a Cup
Human Body: What’s Inside a Drop of Blood?  **very popular post**
Temperature Changes With and Without Mittens
Growing Crystals With Two Ingredients

Forces and Motion

Experimenting With Magnets
How to Make Hydrofoils
How to Build a Pop Rocket
Easy Volcano Experiment **very popular post**
How to Make Lava Erupt from a Volcano **updated volcano post**
STEM Challenge: How Strong is a Piece of Paper?

 Zoology and Nature Study

Ants: A Unit Study
How to Make a Caterpillar Observation Area
How to Raise Butterflies
How to Get Your Butterflies to Lay Eggs in Captivity
Learning About Exotic Butterflies
How to Build a Worm House
Go on a Marine Science Adventure
Studying Crickets
Identifying Trees
Living vs. Non-Living Things
Backyard Bird Study
Container Gardening With Kids
Make a Sea Turtles Habitat
Learning About Dinosaurs
Make an Animal Tracking Station in Your Yard

Early Years Science

Homeschool Kindergarten Science Experiments
20 Great Preschool Science Experiments

Science Equipment

Choosing a Digital Microscope
Curriculum Review: R.E.A.L. Science Earth and Space

More experiments added here all the time. Check back often!

science experiments for kids



Awesome Science Activities Through The Seasons - We can’t get enough of hands-on science experiments around here!  These awesome science activities are categorized by the seasons of the year. Grab one to add to your homeschool or after school learning. Keep this list handy all year long. Thee are over 100 science experiments here to fit every season.  I’ve pulled the best science experiments from blogs and websites across the internet and put them all in one place. They will work for a wide variety of ages from preschool through elementary school. 
educational apps STEM 5 Awesome Solar System Educational Apps - These 5 STEM educational apps make studying space awesome for elementary and middle school kids. Our family has tried a lot of different apps (my oldest child loves anything that combines technology with the subject he’s learning about) and we’ll tell you what keeps us coming back to these five. 
Cool Experiments: Balloons and Fire - Can you pop a balloon with fire? Of course! Can you NOT pop a balloon, even though it is nearly touching fire? Yes! We love cool experiments and this one is so easy to set up. Watch this quick video to see what supplies you will need and what happens when you hold an air-filled balloon over a candle flame, followed by a water-filled balloon. 
autumn science experiments for kids 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade Fall Science Experiments - Need some quick and fun Fall science experiments for your first through fifth grader? We’ve got you covered! We love seasonal science activities that add fun learning to our week. Grab any one of these experiments to add to your homeschool or after school day. Need one for Spring, Winter or Summer? We’ve got those, too. Visit our Science Page. Now on to the experiments!
easy science experiments for kids Cool Science Experiments ~ Back Yard Animal Tracking Station - Find out what kind of animals come through your yard at night. You might be surprised at who your nocturnal and early morning visitors are. We love cool science experiments! This one can be done any time of the year.  We decided to add this to our list of fun Summer Science Experiments. This can certainly be done in the winter as snow is a wonderful way to capture animal prints. 
cool science experiments for kids Easy Science Experiments for Summer - Who’s ready for some easy science experiments for summer? Summer is a great time to gather a few supplies and set up some cool science experiments for kids.  We love seasonal science and summer gives us so many options: outside, inside, in water, in the garden and so much more.  {this post contains affiliate links}


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