Science Project — Lemon Clock

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A clock with no batteries that runs on lemons?  Now there is a hands-on science project we were eager to try.  And guess what?  The lemon clock works! Not only does it work with lemons, but it works with potatoes, tomatoes, and more. You can try lots of different fruits and vegetables, even liquids.  

science project lemon clock


This project came in a packaged kit {affiliate link} from Green Science. It’s called the Potato Clock. Since we began  homeschooling, people like to give my kids science project kits and art/craft kits for birthdays and holidays. We love getting these items and while they all look great in the package, some turn out to be not-so-great in quality.  Not so with this product. We were very pleased with the quality. The instructions were clear, the supplies were high quality and most importantly, the experiment worked. 

We will definitely try the Green Science brand kit again.

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