Hands-On Science

We love science experiments and learning about science!

Most of our science projects and experiments use things you can easily find around your house or, at most, can be purchased at the grocery store or a big box store.  All of our projects are about hands-on activities. This keeps my kiddos engaged in learning and excited.

Our most popular science posts:

How To Make a Model of Blood

Easy Volcano Experiment

The Milky Way Galaxy Experiment





Astronomy Experiments

full moon

Learning About The Moon

Learning About the Moon

Learning About Satellites

Two Ways to Make a Comet

Constellation Art with Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk

Star Jars and More:  Learning About the Stars

States of Matter

freezing and melting Freezing and Melting

Changing Solids to Liquids

Maple Sugar Snow Candy

Melting Ice

Water Bead Science

Kitchen Science: How to Make Lava in a Cup

Lava in a Cup

Lava in a Cup




More Experiments

sorting magnetic from non-magnetic items

Magnet Science

Temperature changes with and without mittens

Experimenting With Magnets

Rainbow Milk Color Mixing Experiment

How to Make  a Lemon Clock (no battery required)



Nature Study

Caterpillar Observation Area

Caterpillar Observation

Ants: A Unit Study

Botanic Gardens:  Be A Botanist for the Day

Caterpillar Observation Area

Raising Butterflies

Getting Your Butterflies to Lay Eggs in Captivity

Exotic Butterflies at an Observatory

Building a Worm House

Marine Science Adventure

trekking out to the intertidal area

Marine Science Adventure



Identifying Trees

Living vs. Non-Living Things

fall nature basket

Living vs. Non-Living Things

Learn all about the birds in your back yard.
Bird Study Learning About Birds in North America


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