September Virtual Book Club: Lois Ehlert

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Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert is a terrific book for fall. Again, I am so happy to be participating with all these other bloggers and friends in the monthly Virtual Book Club for Kids.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf is about the journey a maple tree takes from seed to sapling to nursery to being planted by a family. Many years of enjoyment follow as they watch the leaves change colors, the helicopter-like seeds spin down and the birds come and enjoy food.

I have to confess, I didn’t really have any activities planned for my kids to do with this book. But I decided to read it to them anyway and, guess what?  It led to a spontaneous and fun adventure of learning. Here’s what we did:

Maple tree in our neighbor’s yard. In just a few short weeks, this tree will be a splendor of fall color.

After reading the book, we decided to look for a maple tree.  We soon found one in our next-door neighbor’s yard. My daughter used the book and compared the leaves on several trees before she spied a maple. Then she realized there were lots of maple trees that could be seen in other yards from ours.

All three kids got on bikes or scooters and we rode down the street looking at different trees.  What is this kind of tree?, they wondered. Well, I wasn’t sure, so we went back into the house to retrieve our  Field Guide to Trees.

Soon we were biking to the woods to identify trees there, with shrieks of delight when they spotted more maple trees.  We identified red and white oaks, sassafras and walnut trees.

The walnut was one of our favorites, as it was currently dropping  fragrant nut casings all over the ground.

Walnut, walnut tree and a field guide.

We collected some leaves from each of the trees we identified as we rode our bikes through the woods, enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my kids can learn this way. Such an organic way of learning. They were so excited to discover new information on this path that they’ve walked or biked on so many times. Now they knew the names of the trees and what they looked like. And they were so excited about that.

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