Snack Cup Jelly Fish Craft

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We love Jelly Fish! From our Five in a Row book, Night of the Moonjellies to our R.E.A.L. Science Life curriculum studying the cnidarians, to our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium to see them, we just can’t seem to get enough.

The Creek Kids wanted to make some jellyfish, so I decided to come up with a way to do that using what we already had on hand.

We started with a stack of snack cups, like those that come with applesauce or fruit, a pile of tissue paper, some Mod Podge glue and some paint brushes.

I cut up pieces of tissue paper and the kids painted on a layer of Mod Podge on the outside of a snack cup, pressed on the tissue paper, then painted another layer of Mod Podge over top. They continued doing this until it was completely covered.

We let them dry on our re-purposed baby bottle drying rack.

Once dry, I made a tiny slit with the sharp end of a scissors and inserted a piece of string or yarn to hang them up with later.

Then we turned them over and glued down the edges of the tissue paper to the inside of the snack cup. Next we spread our glue on the bottom of the cup and placed long, skinny pieces of tissue paper on the glue. We pressed them in with the paint brush so they wouldn’t stick to our hands.

Let dry, then add some googly eyes if you want to, and you have jelly fish!