Summer Love Books Exchange: Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping

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Pie tin campfire to go with the book, Amelia Bedlelia goes camping, by Peggy Parish.

This year, our summer reading has included the Summer Love Books Exchange, which paired us up with another blogging mom and her kids.  They sent us a book and some activities to go along with it, and we sent them a book and activities in return.  Cool, huh?  It’s coordinated by the fine folks at The Educator’s Spin On It.

It was so much fun to get a box in the mail with a new book and some fun craft supplies. Even greater, was that it was from Jill at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Have you seen her blog? Take a look at her extensive list of free printables to use in your homeschooling adventures.

We were thrilled to find that Jill had chosen a book with an outdoor theme especially for us.  And we love the silly, mixed-up, always confused Amelia Bedelia character.  In Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping, of course Amelia misunderstands everything Mr. and Mrs. Rogers  tell her, from pitching the tent into the bushes to catching a fish by jumping in the water and grabbing it.

Here are some of the activities Jill created for us to go along with the book.

We built a campfire and made some roasted marshmallows on sticks. This was really a hit with the Creek Kids.  They have continued to play many elaborate camping games with this little campfire set-up.  Here’s how we did it, per Jill’s instructions:

We cut a brown paper bag into strips, then crumbled them up to make the logs for the fire. We cut out a flame shape from a piece of red construction paper, leaving a base to tape it into the pie tin that served as our fire ring.  A smaller flame cut out of orange construction paper attached to the red.

My daughter making the campfire project.

The sticks for roasting the marshmallows were real. We folded a white piece of paper in half longways, then in half again and rolled it around a stick.  Ta-da! Marshmallows ready for roasting.

Making the marshmallows: Fold paper, roll it around a stick.

Marshmallows are ready to roast!

Jill also made each of my kids a little book to write their own story of a camping adventure with Amelia Bedelia. We all loved this creative exercise. The kids colored the tents at the top of the paper, then dictated their story to me. I wrote it into the little books, they added some finishing touches and then we all read the stories together.

My daughter, writing her own camping story, Amelia Bedelia style.

Here’s an exerpt from the one my daughter wrote:

We roasted marshmallows.  Amelia Bedelia said, “Ok, I will roast marshmallows.”  Amelia Bedelia threw the marshmallows into the fire.  I said, “No!  Stop!”  I showed her how to put the marshmallow on a stick.  Then she threw the stick and the marshmallow into the fire.  I showed her how to hold the stick.

All of the supplies for our fun activities with Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping.

Here are some more fun activities that Jill created to go with this story:

  • Pretend you are camping with Amelia Bedelia. You tell her it’s time to pitch the tent and she throws it into the creek. Go outside and help poor Amelia Bedelia create a shelter using branches, trees, flowers or anything you find outside. Then use Legos to create an exact model of your structure.
  • Use little rubber sticky hands (see photo above) for this next activity. While cooking marshmallows, Amelia Bedelia needs to clean her sticky hands. She accidentally mistakes a marshmallow for a bar of soap. This makes her hands even stickier. She wipes her sticky hands all over your clothes, the trees and flowers.  Use your sticky hands on everything around you.
  • Find a little dog toy that can get wet (pictured above).  Pretend Amelia Bedelia has learned that you like to eat hot dogs while you are camping. She goes to her car to get the hot dogs and returns with her “hot dog”.  Take the dog swimming in the bath tub to cool off.

Thank you, Jill and the Enchanted Kids for such a fun book and a great summer reading project.  To see what we sent to Jill and her kids, click here.

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