Thanksgiving Play Set Craft

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We have Thanksgiving book recommendations and a fun craft to share with you! First, here’s our Thanksgiving Pretend Play Set, made from cardboard toilet paper tubes. This was so easy and fun to make.

Native American family: cardboard toilet paper/paper towels tubes, construction paper. Tipi: sticks, rubber band, paper grocery bag.

Pilgrim Family; Lincoln Log house.

Campfire: cardboard circle, stones, sticks, tissue paper.

Toasting Marshmallows: because The Bee insisted that where there is a campfire, there are toasted marshmallows. Always.

The inspiration for this craft can be found here.

Our books:

Great beginning book for introducing the concepts of the holiday: Pilgrims, Native Americans, Mayflower, harvest, feast. etc.

A more in depth look at the first Thanksgiving. Explains the hardship of the trip on the Mayflower and the first year in North America. Good detail of what life was like for Pilgrim children on the journey as well as how they helped their families with crops, food preparation, and more. A great book for kids beyond preschool level.

Play time.

Here is how I set it up for the kids as an invitation to play and learn. For more about the materials we used and how we used them, click here.
Thanksgiving Invitation to Play and Learn