Leave a Letter From The Leprechauns

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We had a bit ‘o fun this morning when we woke up to discover that leprechauns had visited our house.  A tad early for St. Patrick’s Day, but the tricksters must’ve known the O’Creekside Family is going to be a wee bit busy on the 17th.

Letter from a Leprechaun to your kids

The Creek Kids awoke to find their dressers ransacked and underwear strewn about their bedrooms, their shoes up high in odd places, chairs overturned at the dining room table and more.

The leprechauns weren’t fooled by the traps the kids had set but they left a note and some chocolate gold coins for each child.

The note said:

To me lad/lass [child’s name]-
I’m sorry for all the mischief and trouble
But I had to leave in a hurry–on the double,
For me fellow leprechauns and I
Have many more tricks to play by and by.
I’m wise to your trap, though it is quite spiffy.
Here’s some gold for you, gotta run in a jiffy.
Me lad/lass, you are clever, but try again next year,
To catch a leprechaun, from far or from near.
Colin McDoogle

Or Patrick Finnegan, or Lucky O’Reilly. The name was different on each child’s letter and was personalized with their name and lad or lass.

Feel free to copy this note for your child for some St. Patrick’s Day fun.

The funny part is, our house is kind of messy, so the kids keep noticing things and thinking the leprechauns did it:  “Look, the leprechauns left a giant pile of laundry over here!” and “Look, the leprechauns scattered our toys all over the living room!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!