The Tipi

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Welcome to our tipi, source of many hours of great, imaginative play.  It is a house, a store, a farm a campsite and so much more. And the tipi didn’t cost anything.  It sits between our fence and our neighbor’s and soon, when Spring has fully sprung, it will be hidden by the leaves of the trees and bushes that surround it, making it even more of a wonderful, secret play space.

The kids and I hauled the thick branches out of the woods behind our house last fall, and a taller and more nature/survival skills savvy friend put it together. The branches are propped securely up against each other and some garden twine ties them together at the top. It’s quite solid. It has survived months of play with three kids and their friends constantly in and out of it.  It has survived windy storms that knocked over the base of our weighted basketball net. But the tipi still stands.

The kids rolled and hauled thick logs out of the woods to sit on.  They hauled various other logs for their pretend fire pit. They’ve cleared brush that was blocking their access to the woods and swept a path, along which they skip and run and gather more treasures out of the woods:  stones and nuts and sticks and such.

They make land art out of their findings:

They play endless games. One area is a row of horse stalls. It looks like branches on the ground to me so when I accidentally step in it, they correct me, “No, Mommy, that’s for the horses.”

Another area is the parking lot:

Their latest idea? Landscaping. They’ve asked if they can plant some flowers around the tipi. So we’ll be in search of some shade-loving plants to add to the beauty of this wonderful play space.

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