Tuesday Tea Time-It’s Not Just For Girls!

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Firefly, age 7, reads the poem he has chosen.

We started a new ritual today: Reading poetry while having tea time.  It was really fun and it only took a half hour from start to finish, leaving me wondering why I’d never done it before. Genius, pure genius and you can thank Julie at Brave Writer for this amazing idea.

Our tea time mission:  To increase language rich experiences in our family. 

How we’re doing it: Set a fancy table, serve tea (or some other palatable drink for kids) and a yummy snack, put out a stack of kid-friendly poetry books. Then each child (and Mom) chooses a poem to read. Kids who are not yet reading can have their poem read by Mom. That’s it.

Setting a fancy table.

Here’s how our first Tuesday Tea Time went down: Over the weekend, I stocked up on some fancy snacks.  Then, Firefly, my almost-8-year-old, enthusiastically helped set up a fancy table. That’s right. I said it. He helped with enthusiasm. Already, I am liking this new ritual.

Afterwards:  “Girls get to have tea parties”, he said wistfully. Then he brightened: “Hey, boys can have Tea Time!”  The pleased look on his face about this discovery was priceless.

Yum! Gingerbread biscotti.

Coincidentally, my friend Rivka over at Tinderbox Homeschool began a similar tradition this weekend with her family.  I love her idea in the comments section about taking her kids to a thrift store to pick out their own fancy tea cup just for Tea Time.

What we are reading for Tea Time:  I pulled what we already had off the shelf, which you can see below, but I hope to add to our collection. Do you have favorite poetry books that you read with your kids? I’d love to hear some suggestions.

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