When Your Child Hates Handwriting –The Book

Helping young children learn to write can be a bumpy road and often a downright battlefield. Handwriting requires more skills than anything else we ask children to learn:  Thinking, language, movement, memorization, spelling and more. Is it any wonder that more than a quarter of all children struggle with handwriting challenges?

Handwriting curricula does not address what to do when a child is challenged, over and over again, by learning to write. We need a new approach to teaching our struggling children how to write without frustration . 

With 50+ fun and easy activities that can be incorporated into handwriting practice, When Your Child Hates Handwriting helps parents approach handwriting instruction in a new way.  Further, it details out how to recognize when a deeper problem is present and how to seek help for the child. Appropriate for use with children from ages 3 to 12. 
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Highlights from When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful, Practical Solutions for Parents

  • Assessing developmental readiness to write
  • Handwriting and learning styles: Visual, kinesthetic, auditory
  • 4 stages of letter reversal and when to be concerned
  • 50+ activities to make handwriting fun and engaging
  • Ongoing struggles: What to do and how to seek help for a child who continues to be challenged by handwriting
  • Information on handwriting and dyslexia, dysgraphia, fine motor delays and more.
  • Apps, activities and learning resources.


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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: When pencils become swords: The handwriting battle

CHAPTER 1: Why do some kids hate handwriting?

CHAPTER 2: Figuring out what makes handwriting so challenging for your child 

CHAPTER 3: Put away the pencils and write with THIS

CHAPTER 4: When your child still hates handwriting

RESOURCES: Apps, website and books