Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game

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stomp it! place value math game

This DIY math game for kids is a great learning tool for kids who learn well by moving their whole bodies. I have one of those kids. Do you?

When he’s not quite grasping a concept, I know it’s time to put away the books and papers and get moving.

Here’s how we made a place value game to reinforce the concepts we were learning. We focused on hundreds of thousands on down, but one of my younger kids used this for thousands on down. You can adapt it to your needs.

math games

What you need:

  • Painter’s tape.
  • Sharpie permanent marker.
  • Paper and scissors.

How to make the game:

First, I made the game board with painter’s tape on our wood floor and wrote the place values onto the tape with the Sharpie pen. I made a comma out of tape and colored it with the Sharpie.

DIY math games

Next, we traced my son’s feet onto paper and photocopied the paper so that we had about 20 feet total.  We wrote numbers on the paper feet so that we had enough to use each number at least twice.

math games for kids

Ways to play:

  1. I put a number on the board, such as 567,891 and he stomped on each number as he read it out loud.
  2. I read a number to him, such as 852,940 and he put it on the board, then stomped it as he repeated the number.
  3. The tricky zeroes:  When a zero was in one of the places (except for the very last ones place), it made it even tricker. We practiced putting zeroes in one or more places:  700,672 or 750,812 or 789,002.
  4. What comes next?  I would put 212,799 on the board and he would “turn it” to the next number, followed by stomping out the whole number.


math games for kids at home

Another fun part of the game? Clearing the board!

place value math games for kids

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