Writing With Spaghetti!

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You can thank my six year old daughter for this idea. Bored in a restaurant, she began to write her name on the table using spaghetti noodles. Before leaving, I scooped all the uneaten spaghetti noodles into a take out container and that afternoon’s activity was born.

Using sheets of wax paper and a sharpie, I wrote my six year old’s sight words and some numbers for my three year old, then gave them the container of spaghetti noodles to work with.

If you are three and it’s been about an hour since lunch, this project also makes a great snack.

The noodles got a bit rubbery and ornery about staying in form, so we soaked them in a bowl of warm water, then patted them dry.  They behaved much better after that.

Next up: using this method for cursive practice for my eight year old.