YouTube Art Lessons for Kids

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Everyone knows that you can literally learn anything on YouTube.  Using YouTube Art Channels as an educational resource is a great way to shape your child’s exposure to art history and to grow their skills. It’s like amazing and free art lessons. Yay! 

YouTube Channel Art

Here’s our Art Channel list for kids, already screened for the stuff you don’t want kids to be exposed to on YouTube, such as colorful new language, pornography and people being eaten by racist bears. Add all these to a playlist for your kids. Creating playlists is one way I keep my kids safe on YouTube.  Here are 9 more safety ideas for kids on YouTube. 

Art Techniques Channels: How to draw, paint, sculpt, etc.

Art for Kids Hub
Rob is a dad and graphic designer who has been drawing, painting, sculpting and doing origami with his kids on YouTube since 2012.  He makes art fun and easy with tutorials. Tutorial categories include collections of videos on how to draw animals, how to draw Minecraft, how to draw people and how to draw cartoons. He is fun to listen to and really has a rapport with kids, his own as well as his viewers. 

Mary Doodles: How To Art
Great sense of humor meets skills. Mary talks about art supplies and the techniques of art that anyone can learn, regardless of talent level. I like that she encourages rough draft sketching and lots of practice for my easily frustrated little artists. Her “How to Art” series playlist is a great place to start. 

How to Draw and Paint Channel
This channel has some good tutorials for drawing and painting with watercolors. They also offer paid classes online via their Christian-based website, My daughter liked learning the technique of lightly pencil-drawing her design before painting over it with watercolors and their series on 3D drawings includes several Minecraft options, which made my oldest son happy.

The Art gEEK
Oodles of doodles, zentangle, water color, mandalas and more. Our favorite are the doodle bookmarks. 

Learning About Art History and Famous Artists Channels

Smartarthistory from Khan Academy
What? The awesome people at Khan Academy have free art history lessons? Of course they do. They’ve already taught us math and coding and a zillion other things for free. Here’s what they do with art history:  They have conversations about specific pieces of art in museums around the world and we can listen in.  Playlists include specific time periods in art history:  Renaissance in Italy? Check. Baroque? Check. Post Colonialism? Check.  

Getting to Know Videos
These are really just 30-second clips but the original full-length videos are one of the greatest resources I’ve found for introducing young children to the great masters.  It is well worth a trip to the library to get the books and videos in this series, called Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (that there is an affiliate link).  Author Mike Venezia knows just how to make things engaging for children, highlighting interesting facts about each artist and conveying a good deal of information about the types of art and the time period each artist lived in. The theme song will totally get into your head, but that’s a good thing. It will remind you to go to the library to get the videos and books. You’re welcome. 

More Creative, Artsy, Awesome and Fab YouTube Videos for Kids

These hand-picked YouTube videos feature some terrific art activities for kids. They are short videos that show some of the steps taken and the gorgeous final products. The full tutorials are found on an accompanying website or blog. 

I’ll keep adding to this list as I find more great YouTube resources for art lessons. Leave me a note in the comments if you have a resource you’d like to share. And, hey, this has nothing to do with art, but did you know I wrote a book about handwriting? You can check it out here. Actually, we do use art and creativity to learn handwriting, as  these pictures convey. Hey, look at that? It does have to do with art. 

handwriting help

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