Easy Homeschooling

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February has a reputation in the homeschool world.  A bad reputation. The newness of that shiny curriculum and your best-made plans is long, long gone. Daylight is on short supply. Kids tend to bicker. If you live in a cold climate, you’re stuck indoors more. You all long for Spring. You just want to get through math and be done with it, for goodness sakes.

I’ve been there, my sisters. And I’ll probably go there again. And again. 

So I got a wild idea. Let’s make it easier. Easy homeschool. I like the sound of that.

So I’m going to give away the stuff I have for free and spread a little good homeschool mojo around. 

How To Make Homeschooling Easy: Resource#1

First up, we have Positive Thought Cards for Kids. These are like a homeschool reset button. When kids get frustrated or upset and learning stops, this is how to reboot. 

  1. Stop and take a break.
  2. Ask your child to go to a quiet place and  choose one of the 50 cards that speaks to them.  If your child is not yet reading, take a break with them and select a card. 
  3. Guide them to repeat the affirmation three times. Even if they do it through gritted teeth. Even if they don’t believe it.
  4. Suggest some deep breaths or a break to go outside.
  5. Return to the task at hand with those new words. Say them again with your child.


Normally $4.99, these downloadable cards are free for the month of February. Did I mention there are 50 of them? 

Click here to read more about how to use positive thought cards.

(The give-away has now ended.)

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How To Make Homeschooling Easy: Resource #2

Next up, we have handwriting solutions. If you have a child (or three, as I do) who struggles with handwriting, here’s how to make it more fun and see true improvements in this subject. I wrote this book to help other parents like me put an end to battles over handwriting and understand just what makes this task so challenging for some kids. 

handwriting worksheets

I’m giving away 10 copies of the ebook (normally $6.99). All you need to do is comment below, saying you want a copy. Be sure to enter your email address (it won’t show up in the comments, only I can see it) and I’ll send you a copy if you are one of the chosen winners. I’ll announce the winners right here on the Creekside Learning website on Friday, February 17th, 2017. All winners have been notified. 

Read more about the book here.

Or buy it actually printed out from Amazon or on Kindle if you prefer.

How To Make Homeschooling Easy: Resource #3

Visit the Homeschool Toolbox section of this website, which is loaded with ways to make homeschooling easier, smoother and more enjoyable for your family. This resource is always free, but I want you to pop over and pick one thing that you think will help make homeschooling easy for you right now.

Are you homeschooling while an adorable wild toddler wreaks havoc in your house? You’ll want to read this.

how to homeschool with a toddler

Is your homeschool group or co-op not working for you this year? Or maybe you don’t have one but really want to. Start your own! Here’s how. Yes, you can do it mid-year. Or plan for the next one.

how to start a homeschool group

Is your child not reading despite your best efforts and several curriculum changes? Lets figure out why. It’s no fun to be stuck. I have three “late readers” and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Here’s how to sort it out for YOUR child. 

late reader homeschooling

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you the best on your homeschooling journey!