What Every Homeschool Mom Wants to Hear

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As homeschool moms, we get a lot of questions and comments. Well meaning folks often don’t understand. Others are kind of mean.

“How can you stand being with your kids all day?”

“How will your kids be socialized if they don’t go to school?”

“Do you think you’re qualified to teach your kids?”


That got me thinking.

If I could choose, what would I want people to say? 

homeschooling mom

What do homeschool moms want to hear?

How about this…

“I’m sure homeschooling isn’t always easy but I see how much you’re doing to make it work.”

And this…

“If you’re kids ever want to learn about ______________, I know a lot about that and I’d be happy to mentor them.”

And this…

“What’s your favorite thing that your kids/family learned about this week? This month? This year?”

Those words, said out of kindness and interest, are in the video below, along with many more. 

Share. Pass it on. Dispel the myths about homeschooling.


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