Easy Peasy Gingerbread Houses

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Milk carton gingerbread houses.

These milk carton gingerbread houses are so easy to make.  They are quick and fun, an activity that we were first introduced to when my kids were younger and attended a weekly play group. We’ve been making them ever since.

You will need:
***A pint sized carton (or cut a quart sized carton in half)
***Graham crackers
***Spreadable frosting

Start with a half-pint carton and a stack of graham crackers. 

half-pint carton for gingerbread housesSpread frosting onto the carton, and stick the graham crackers on.

Making a milk carton gingerbread house

We used our leftover Halloween candy to decorate our houses (actually I had saved some just for this purpose. My kids were amazingly willing to part with it as long as I told them it was for the holiday gingerbread houses).

Leftover Halloween candy for holiday gingerbread houses

Decorating was the best part!

Decorating milk carton Gingerbread Houses.

And look at the results:

Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses from Creekside Learning

Finished Project by my 7-year-old daughter, The Bee. I love the pixie dust snow!

Easy Peasy Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses from Creekside Learning

This one is by my 4-year-old, Love Bug. Candy corn chimney–so cute!

Gingerbread Houses with milk cartons. From Creekside Learning.

And this one is by my 9-year-old, Firefly. Cotton chimney smoke. He was hoping for cotton candy but we didn’t have any.

We made milk carton gingerbread houses as one of our Advent activities. We school lightly in December, to make room for lots of fun holiday activities and traditions, but what I like about this activity, is that it really doesn’t take much time.

Here are some other new-to-us activities that we are adding to our Advent calendar this year:

  • Having dinner by candlelight with Christmas music playing.
  • Decorating the fish tanks and hermit crab habitats (Thank you to my friend Amy, at Mama Scout for this idea).
  • Having a family game night with my kids’ favorite video game, Minecraft.
  • Doing a candy cane science experiment, from Carla at Preschool Powol Packets.

Happy holidays!