Sidewalk Chalk Paint Project

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creative kids turning sidewalk chalk into paint

A few simple, kid-found tools: chalk and water.  Some awesome kid creativity.  This activity developed quite organically: making sidewalk chalk into paint while coloring.

mixing sidewalk chalk with paint while drawing

This turned into a very calming activity with everyone mostly very focused on their own part of the project. I spent several warm nights snapping pictures of their beautiful creations as the sun went down and they experimented with mixtures of water and chalk.

painting with sidewalk chalk

They used a trickle of water from the hose at times, buckets filled with water at other times. They alternately rubbed the chalk onto the cement, then added water to get the consistency they wanted.
water for mixing with sidewalk chalk

Moving the paint and the water around with their hands was a wonderful sensory experience.
sidewalk chalk paintWe ran out of sidewalk chalk after a couple of days. No matter. Sidewalk chalk is majorly on sale this time of year. We stocked up and they were back in business.
sidewalk chalk paintingsGrateful to live where the days of early autumn are still quite warm. And enjoying  artful moments with my kids.
chalk paint on bootsFollow the Creative Kids pin board on Pinterest for more kid-made inspiration.