Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election

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Ready or not, the  2016 Presidential Election is almost here. If you’ve been following along with your children or students, learning about the candidates and the process of electing a new United States president, having a kids voting booth is a great way to extend that learning.

This activity also incorporates math skills by tallying votes, collecting statistics of voters and averaging those stats to figure out the demographics of your polling place.

The ballots, tally sheets, “I Voted” stickers and poll worker badges are free to download in a pdf file below. 


 This activity can be done with any group of kids, whether you are in a classroom, part of a co-op, homeschool group or right in your neighborhood. 

voting booth for kids

Kids can act as poll workers by handing out ballots and “I Voted” stickers, but they also keep a tally sheet of statistics of the kid voters (thank you to my friend, Huyen MacMichael for this great idea!).

Collect statistics on:

  • gender of voters
  • age of voters

Then calculate the totals and the averages.

And of course, don’t forget to tally up the votes themselves and announce the winner of your polling place.

There are three ballots included here:

  • One with Clinton and Trump only
  • One with Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson
  • One with Clinton, Trump, and two write-in spots

This is because ballots are different in each state. To find out which candidates will appear on the ballots in your state, visit . 


Download packet here:  united-states-presidential-election-2016-ballots-for-kids

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